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Refine Refrigeration - Customers

Some of Refine Refrigeration’s key customers include:

    Minus 5 Ice Bars

    Tongli Asian supermarkets

    Pastoral Ham & Beef Smallgoods Manufacturer

    Trident Sales chain network

    IGA supermarkets

    Pizza Hut Franchises

    Mortdale Hotel

    RSL Clubs

    Bowling Clubs

    School Canteens

    Milano Cafe

    Mancini’s Italian restaurant

    Banana Joes Foodworks

    Major Warehouses at Sydney Markets

    Fruiterers & Butcheries

    Many cafes & restaurants all over Sydney

    Liquor shops

    Fish & Deli Shops

    Tongli Storage warehouse

    Plus many more

Testimonials from customers

I run two busy cafes and can’t afford to have my refrigeration units out of action. With a single phone call a Refine technician is attending to my units. A truly customer driven company!
Adrian, Principal Milano Cafe

Minus 5 ice Bars have become an international attraction. The engineering behind it is all thanks to Paul Zalloua of Refine Refrigeration. I can only trust Refine to design, develop, install and maintain my bars, no matter where in the world they are. I have been using Refine for a number of years and will only trust them to work on my Ice Bars.
Craig Ling, Owner Minus 5 Ice Bars

It gives me great comfort that I can ring Refine at anytime of the day and night and know that my fridges will be looked at within the hour. When I have a restaurant full of people and full of supplies I can’t afford to have any of the refrigeration units breakdown. Paul and his team are always responsive, reliable and the workmanship is second-to-none. I would recommend Refine Refrigeration every time.
Barry, Manager, Mancini’s Italian restaurant

I own a chain of Asian supermarkets, and we are continuously opening new stores. I have always relied on Paul and his team to give me the best quality and price every time. Refine have always honoured their 12 month warranty. In fact I have been using them for so many years now, that they have extended their warranty to 24 months. Now that’s confidence.    
Thomas Jin, Owner Tongli supermarkets

It was hard for me to find a team that could work on my mix of refrigeration and A/C systems. Processing is the most critical part of our business, so we need our equipment to be fully functional - day and night. When the refrigeration is not working it could cost me thousands of dollars. I can’t afford to have any of the refrigeration unit’s break down. Paul always answers his phone no matter what time or day. I would recommend Refine Refrigeration for their experience, customer service and exceptional knowledge of new and old systems.
Larry, owner, Pastoral Ham & beef

We are not always available; however, we always trust Paul and his team to service our 6 pizza hut stores and give us the best advice.
Amal and Matt Pizza hut franchises.

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